(Sean 8, Brea 4, Dax almost 2)

A huge blessing in our live's are our families!  I'm so blessed to have the ability to create preserve my families memories as much as I can. These little films are priceless to us!  Yours will be too!

January 2018 (Family Trip to DisneyWorld

This trip was utterly and completely exhausting with a 14 month old but looking back, it was an amazing trip for my kiddos and they had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa too!

Daxon's First Birthday Bash!

This little dude is one of best buddies! It's amazing how fast they grow! 

Brea's 4th Birthday

My daughter Brea is in her horse phase I suppose because everything is a horse!  Her food, her toys and yes, she believes she's a horse too! 

Sean's Epic 7th

Last year, my son Sean wanted two things! A bowling party with his pals and anything Star Wars related..ha ha..He's definitely my son :) 

Some Disney Test Shots

I typically have quite a bit of downtime while filming down in Disney World. So why not put together a few clips?

Brea's Daddy Daughter Trip

One thing I try and do is take some special one on one time with my kiddos!  Brea chose to go to Disneyland for her Daddy Daughter Trip! talked me into it :)

Daxon's Birth

The birth of my son Daxon!  Don't worry!  It's family friendly :) 

Maternity Film

The Birth