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A Born Filmmaker


Hi there!  My name is Chris McClain and I specialize in documenting once in a lifetime events. Your wedding day is something that will be one of the days in your life that you remember for a long time to come. We can all look back and pick out certain days, when something happened, and we remember it like it was yesterday. Your wedding day is one of those days.


I was drawn to film/video at the age of 8 when I began by making short films with my brother and little sister!  My brother being the oldest and better actor was usually the star and my little sister usually played the damsel in distress.  This left me with the camera and taking the role of director!

As I got older and more experienced, I started making travel videos and took on the role of my family historian.  This responsibility meant that I was to record those special moments in our families lives.  Family vacations, recitals, birthdays were just a few of the things I got a lot of practice filming.  We love these memories and being able to look back at them today!  

All of this eventually led me to filming my first wedding back in January 2007!  I was immediately drawn to the happiness that was present everywhere as long lost friends, family and extended family all came together in one place, to celebrate the joining of two lives!  I was hooked!  I basically became a full time wedding crasher! 

I've been blessed to be able to do this full time!  That's right!  I don't just do this on the weekends as a hobby. I'm truly dedicated to the art, and this has brought worldwide recognition, awards, and the opportunity to film weddings not only locally here in my home state of Utah, but across the globe! From Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hawaii, and New York to name a few!

It really is an honor to serve people! I love what I do; I hope you can understand the importance that I feel your wedding film has for you! I'm here to serve you! If you don't hire me, that's OK...just be sure to hire someone! It's too important not to! Live life, enjoy it's blessings, and remember the moments, preserve the memory...

Other Work

I'm also blessed to have gotten the opportunity to film for lots of various corporations and create corporate films for them!  However, my biggest opportunities coming at Disneyland and Disney World.  And while I can't share my Disney work here on this site due to copyrights, just watch TV during some of your favorite prime time shows on ABC and you just might see something that I helped create! 

-Chris McClain

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